SH 146 – Galveston County

From FM 518 to FM 517 in Galveston County, Texas, Seabrook, and Kemah residents are expected to see a drastic change. It is expanding its roads from six to 12 lanes. That includes restructuring, grade separations at the major intersections in Seabrook, elevated lanes over Clear Creek continuing into Kemah, and access roads. According to TxDOT documents, the highway will expand beginning at Red Bluff Road. Also, an expressway bridge will be constructed parallel to the Kemah- Seabrook Bridge, just west of it. The schematic released from TxDOT details the SH 146 road widening project, whose purpose is reportedly to fix congested traffic.

It was reported by news outlets that 25 businesses have been sent condemnation notices from TxDOT. Reportedly, 5.3 acres of new right of way would be needed for the expansion. Proposed ROW varies between 200 and 250 feet wide. The area Texaco on Bayport is currently undergoing demolishment as of the beginning of February. Additional details regarding neighboring business that will also be demolished can be found on the SH 146’s official site.

The Eminent Domain Attorneys at The Pott’s Law Firm are tracking this matter for further updates. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our offices regarding your rights or concerns.


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